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Join the True Loyal Agent® Network of exclusive buyer agents under the guidance & leadership of Tom Wemett, Founder/Manager of Homebuyer Advisors LLC, a 45+ year veteran of the real estate industry.

Welcome existing real estate licensees or those interested in becoming a real estate licensee in Massachusetts, Florida or New York State.  I am offering a unique opportunity for the right individuals to join our buyer agent team that operates under the value proposition of unconditionally guaranteeing undivided loyalty to our home buyer clients at all times and in every situation as well as the adherence to the well-established common law of agency regardless of the industry’s efforts to abrogate the common law in many states.  We have provided an overview of our philosophy and approach to real estate below and welcome your questions and further interest in joining our company.

What is a True Loyal Agent®?

I’ve coined, and registered the phrase, “True Loyal Agent®”, to distinguish a real estate licensee who is with a company that represents real estate consumers as true fiduciary agents from the traditional real estate licensee/salesperson who is with a company that practices dual or designated agency or other form of disloyalty to consumers.

A True Loyal Agent® will provide full fiduciary duties at all times and in every situation. This is the mark of a true agent. Traditional real estate agent training rarely includes information about the common law of agency or what it means to be an agent. In our case, the homebuyer is our client, also known as the principal. The real estate licensee is the agent. The fiduciary duties owed to a homebuyer by such an agent are known by the acronym “OLD CAR”:

  • Obedience to Lawful Instruction;
  • Undivided Loyalty;
  • Full Disclosure of Material Information;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Accounting;
  • Reasonable Skill and Care.

A True Loyal Agent® will protect homebuyers from making mistakes in the homebuying process as their legal duty is to protect a homebuyer from harm and to look out for their best interest at all times and in every situation.  Our mission is to help people make better homebuying decisions and not to sell them a home.

A True Loyal Agent® never attempts to represent both a seller and a buyer in the same transaction as a dual or designated agent, transaction broker or facilitator, all of which are forms of disloyalty designed to mask conflicts of interest and project the illusions that the licensee/salesperson is a true agent.

After 45 years as a full-time real estate broker, with the last 25+ years exclusively representing buyers, I’m ready to step back from personal production and build the largest buyer agent team dedicated to true fiduciary representation.  Other so-called buyer agent teams operate within traditional real estate industry brokerages that work with buyers AND sellers.  Team Homebuyer Advisors operates solely within an exclusive buyer agency, dedicated to representing buyers only.  Team Homebuyer Advisors provides a better opportunity for real estate agents to work on the honest side of the real estate business without the conflict of interest inherent in the deeply ingrained sales culture of the traditional real estate indsutry.

Exclusive buyer representation is a very satisfying way to differentiate yourself from the traditional real estate industry salesperson. Exclusive buyer representation doesn’t involve knocking on doors, cold calls, pop-bys, hounding FSBOs or expired listings. Buyers seek us out due to our positioning ourselves as a True Loyal Agent®.  I am passionate about providing absolute, no excuses, true representation of homebuyers and thus my dedication to the philosophy behind the True Loyal Agent® brand.

Having been in the real estate business full time for over 45 years, I can recall when listings were on 3 x 5 cards stored in a shoebox style storage bin. We received new cards once a week that required replacing expired cards with new ones by hand. Every two weeks, a telephone directory-sized MLS book would arrive and we guarded it with our life! Technology eventually changed the landscape– from fax machines to thermal printers that gave us the ability to print out MLS listings.

Fast forward to today and all the technology we now have, and it seems like I started in the dinosaur age. Regardless of my fondness for what I do, I absolutely disapprove of all that the traditional real estate industry stands for–due solely to the industry’s abandonment of true fiduciary representation of clients. I’ve written the following blog posts that provide insight into this unfortunate industry reputation: So What Went Wrong? What Were They Thinking? And Stop Calling Yourselves “Agents”!

The deeply ingrained sales culture of the traditional real estate industry creates what “How to Defeat Mega Agents” and “Broken Industry” author Ryan Fletcher refers to as the low-information agent. From Ryan Fletcher: “It’s an unfortunate truth, but ‘The Guru Party,’ made up of; the trainers, brokers & endless supply of coaches—and what they teach—are the architects responsible for bankrupting the real estate industry of trust. Because of them, the term “real estate agent” in the eyes of society has become a stain on your reputation.”

en·light·ened – odjective: “Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.”  Synonyms: “Informed, well informed, aware, open-minded, broad-minded, educated, knowledgeable, wise.”

So are you an “enlightened agent” or as Ryan refers to the traditional real estate industry licensee/salesperson, a “Low-information Agent”?  The world needs more enlightened agents not more sales people. 

My Story

Twenty-five years ago I became an “enlightened agent”. It was at a time when the industry was in transition.  The FTC, Federal Trade Commission, had published a survey that showed 70% of buyers thought the agent showing them homes represented them and about the same percentage of sellers thought the same as well. However, in the 1980’s and for 100+ years prior to that nearly all real estate licensees represented the seller and treated the buyer as a customer, not a client. The agents showing homes to the buyers were sub-agents of the seller.

Agency disclosures in nearly all states was the result. Real estate licensees had to decide who they would represent and disclose that to the buyer and seller and get their written agreement that they received the disclosure.  But a problem arose with this – the inhouse deal where one or more agents in the same real estate brokerage were trying to represent both a buyer and a seller on the same transaction. This violates the common law principle that has endured for hundreds of years that one cannot serve two masters.

Up until that time I was a traditional agent working with sellers and buyers and often with buyers on homes that I had listed. I started to question what I was doing and once the whole representation disclosure notice came into being I knew I couldn’t continue representing buyers and sellers against one another in the same transaction.

So, I started representing buyers only and never, ever compromising my representation with one of the made-up forms of agency such as transaction brokerage, facilitator, dual agent and worst of all – designated agent.

I successfully represented homebuyers only in the Greater Rochester, NY area for the next 15 years helping hundreds of buyers obtain their dream of owning their own home. After selling the business to two of my agents, I took some time off from the real estate business.

I spent nearly three years living and working in Lake Placid, NY as a nature photographer and custom picture framer and Giclée’ custom printer. Despite that rewarding adventure, real estate was in my bones and I moved to the Albany, NY area to rekindle my real estate passion and buyer only real estate business interest. I ran my own very successful exclusive buyer agency there for several years before moving ten years ago to the Orange, MA area where I live today.

I semi-retired several years ago and bought a boat with my significant other with the thought of living aboard. We spent winters aboard the boat in Florida as living in Massachusetts and getting away for three or four months during the winter was appealing. That was until I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2015.  We stayed in Massachusetts for the radiation and chemotherapy treatments and by April 2016, I was diagnosed as cancer-free. However, as we were on a trip south to Florida in April, 2016, I was sidelined again by a mild stroke that kept me in a Richmond, VA hospital for a week.

During my recovery, I read one of Brendon Bouchard’s books–and his words started ringing in my ears, “Did I love, Did I live, Did I matter”. When one experiences a potential life-threatening health issue (or two) like I did, Brendon’s words make a whole lot of sense. I certainly had loved. I definitely had lived. I believe I did matter. But…in my heart I knew I perhaps could do more and make a bigger impact.

In a sense I had become content with my results, complacent and comfortable with my previous real estate businesses and experience. However, something had been irritating me for a long time. Why don’t real estate buyers in particular and sellers take more time to understand the real estate industry and the deeply ingrained sales culture that it has spurred and realize that they are constantly putting themselves into situations where they are vulnerable to getting short-changed?

I had tried my best as had several hundred of my enlightened, caring peers to teach and educate buyers to the perils of the traditional real estate industry’s tactics and that we offer the alternative of true exclusive representation. But my colleagues had also gotten comfortable. They had an excellent business model and for the most part found enough homebuyers to make a good living.

I was a founding member of NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. I was their national president in 2003 and have served on the BOD in various capacities on and off for the last 20 years. We have less members today then we did when we started 20+ years ago. Our voices were and continue to be drowned out by the traditional real estate industry which offers buyer agency in name only as a bait and switch on unsuspecting and trusting buyers.  Yearning to somehow make a greater impact with home buyers I decided to expand my mission to find other “enlightened” real estate agents and bring true fiduciary representation to as many homebuyers as possible.  Thus was born – Team Homebuyer Advisors.

I wrote and published a homebuying book in January, 2018, “Massachusetts Homebuyers Beware – The Cards Are Stacked Against You”.  This book is available at and through this website.  I was also approached by Joe Cummins, the author of a bestselling homebuying book last published 18 years ago, called “Not One Dollar More. How to Save $3,000 to $30,000 When You Buy Your Next Home.”  Joe asked that I co-author a third edition. Around the same time my own book came out, so did his revised book with my name also on the cover as a collaborating author. It was an honor to be involved gratis with his book¬– in fact, I probably would have paid him to be involved.

So what’s next for this seasoned homebuying author and real estate professional?  My goal is to hire licensed agents and associate brokers to expand Homebuyer Advisors LLC and join Team Homebuyer Advisors as exclusive buyer agents throughout Massachusetts and Florida where I am currently operating with a future expansion to other New England states and New York State. 

My vision is to lead a team of like-minded individuals who are committed to providing true fiduciary representation to homebuyers only and to the concept of being a True Loyal Agent®.

Want to learn more? We offer competitive commission splits.  One-on-one training with Tom Wemett personally.  One-on-one coaching with a national coaching organization.  And much more.  Please email me or call 1-800-383-8322 to discuss further. All inquiries are held in strictest confidence.

“We are passionate about and committed to protecting people from the pitfalls of buying a home; paying too much, buying the wrong home, buying a money pit, being deceived by sales tactics or unknowingly being short-changed.  Our mission is to help people make better homebuying decisions”

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