Dumb Move!

7 out of 10 homebuyers “interview” one agent according to the 2017 NAR Survey of Homebuyers and Homesellers. The term “interview” is probably used lightly here. If they were truly interviewing agents a homebuyer would interview more than one. What this...

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A Word About Alternative Compensation

The contingency fee compensation model puts all the risk on the real estate licensee.  If a sale doesn’t take place they don’t get compensated. The retainer with an hourly fee based compensation model puts the risk on the home buyer.  You, the home buyer, pay a...

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Finding the Right Agent

Finding the “Right Agent” to Help You Buy a Home! Are you a future homebuyer in Massachusetts? The cards are  stacked against you! The traditional real estate industry in Massachusetts uses deception to sell you a home pretending to be your actual agent. ...

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Welcome Homebuyers!

Yes, homebuying can be an adventure. Knowing who to trust and which advice is worth considering and following is the biggest challenge you will face. If the agent you are using also takes listings and is showing you homes for sale listed by themselves or...

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One Date You Are Married

If you make contact with a real estate salesperson or broker who supplies you with information about a property, they can make a claim to be paid a commission even though you purchase that property through another agent or even directly through the seller....

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What is a “True” Buyer’s Agent?

As a home buyer you should seek out the services of a true buyer agent. True agents, such as attorneys or CPAs, owe fiduciary duties, client level services to their clients.  That is what makes them “an agent”. You should seek out and use the services of a...

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