Home Buyers Beware!

Welcome!  Hi, my name is Tom Wemett.  I’ve been a licensed real estate broker since 1973 and an Exclusive Buyer Agent since 1992.  I’m licensed in New York State, Florida and Massachusetts. 


There is a deliberate attempt by the traditional real estate industry in all three states to deceive real estate consumersThis is to preserve the double-dipping of commissions for the in-house transaction. They have done this by influencing and often times writing the licensee-consumer relationship disclosures
These ARE NOT consumer friendly but written to deceive home buyers, and sellers, into believing they are being represented when they aren’tCaveat Emptor, “A neo-Latin phrase meaninglet the buyer beware.” It is a principle of contract law in many jurisdictions that places the onus on the buyer to perform due diligence before buyingYes, Let the Buyer Beware is the mantra of the traditional real estate industry. 
 There are protectors of home buyers who work as true fiduciaries of home buyers known as exclusive buyer agents and in MA, true single agentsSee our discussion, in another post under the title “The Disclosure Fails to Mention the Best Forms of Representation:”
The purpose of this blog is to give me a platform to post my honest opinions of the traditional real estate industryI do this from the standpoint of being a real home buyer advocate, protector and advisor. 
Home buyers are being taken advantage of by the traditional real estate industry and often short-changed. They could be harmed to the tune of millions of dollars every year in Massachusetts alone. If my honest discussion of the abuses offends anyone, so be it.  If you would like to comment in a constructive manner to any of my posts, please do so.  Or, feel free to contact me through the form in the contact section of this blog. 
Are you a home buying consumer?  Buying a home is most likely the largest purchase you will ever make.  You need to read these posts and understand how you are being misled and deceived.  

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