Enlightened Agent or Low-information Agent?


Adjective:  “Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
Synonyms:  “Informed, well informed, aware, open-minded, broad-minded, educated, knowledgeable, wise.

So are you an “enlightened agent” or as Ryan Fletcher, the author of “Defeat Mega Agents” refers to the traditional real estate industry licensee/salesperson, a “Low-information Agent”?  From Ryan Fletcher:  “It’s an unfortunate truth, but “The Guru Party,” made up of; the trainers, brokers & endless supply of coaches—and what they teach—are the architects responsible for bankrupting the real estate industry of trust.  Because of them, the term “real estate agent” in the eyes of society has become a stain on your reputation.”

My bet is that you are a “Low-Information Agent” as well. It doesn’t have to be that way. But to becme an enlightened agent you have to start questioning everything you are being taught and told to do.

Do you like telemarketers? I don’t, and I bet you don’t either. Yet most agents (real estate licensees) cold call, knock on doors, send direct mail-just sold, do drop-bys and beg for referrals. Is that you?

And, you probably call yourself an agent. Yet you are with a firm that practices designed agency. Designed agency is actually undisclosed dual agency, an act of fraud. The fact that no one has been sued as a result yet doesn’t make it legal. It is a fantasy and you are being deceived and manipulated into thing it is ok.

If you are happy with  the high presssure sales culture of the traditional real estate industry just keep doing what you are doing.

If, on the other hand, yu feel that there has to be a better way then keep reading my posts on this website and then contact me to discuss joining the rand ofTrue Loyal Agents in Massachussetts.

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