Yes, homebuying can be an adventure. Knowing who to trust and which advice is worth considering and following is the biggest challenge you will face.

If the agent you are using also takes listings and is showing you homes for sale listed by themselves or someone else in their company do you really think you can trust their advice?  They have homes to sell.  They represent sellers who want the highest price and best terms for themselves.  Their specialization is “selling”homes, not helping people buy homes.

Hi, my name is Tom Wemett and I have over 45 years experience full-time in the real estate business.  I have represented homebuyers only for the last 25 years and look forward to helping you with your homebuying adventure.  There is better option for homebuyers than using a real estate licensee who takes listings and represents sellers.  It is referred to as “exclusive buyer agent”.  A true “exclusive buyer agent” represents buyers only and is with a company that represents buyers only and never represents sellers or takes listings.  This eliminates the conflict of interest of trying to work with buyers and sellers.  The result is true loyalty to the homebuyer and someone you can trust as their focus is on getting you the best deal possible.  Exclusive buyer agents provide true, legal fiduciary duties to home buyers and legally MUST look out for your best interests at all times and in every situation.  How do you know if you are using a true exclusive buyer agent?  Ask the agent if they or anyone else in their company takes listings and represents sellers.  If the answer is yes, you don’t have a true exclusive buyer agent.

We don’t sell homes or take listings but we do have access to all other agents’ listings.  Using a true exclusive buyer agent should be your first option.  Tom Wemett is the Founder/Manager/Lic. R.E. Broker of Record of Homebuyer Advisors LLC.  It all starts with a phone call to Tom – 978-633-9090 – 800-383-8322 – or email Tom.  Let’s talk.  We are here to provide information and help for homebuyers only.  If you are considering a purchase of a home or know someone who is, give Tom a call.

We also recommend that you read “The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner” by David Bach.  There really are huge advantages to owning your own home.


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