Hi and welcome to our website.  I’m Tom Wemett and have been providing home buyer only representation and first time home buyer representation for over 25 years. 

I have been full-time in the real estate business for over 45 years and am the Founder/Manager/Lic. R.E. Broker of Record for Homebuyer Advisors LLC, a real estate company that represents “homebuyers only” in three states, Florida, Massachusetts and New York.

We are dedicated to helping people understand the homebuying process and to plan for and actually purchase a home of their own.  There are many challenges to buying a home, starting with the big question, “Do I really want to own my own home?”  That question shouldn’t be taken lightly.  There are hidden costs to owning a home that one doesn’t experience when renting.  Yes, there are a lot of advantages to owning your own home, but it is wise to consider all aspects of the rent vs own question before embarking on a homebuying adventure.

We understand that it takes time to get oneself in a position to buy and to determine what to buy, where and for how much.  There are often credit issues to deal with as well as financial challenges that need to be addressed.  We are here to begin that process with you.  You don’t need to go it alone.  We will start with an examination of your credit report and credit scores and see what recommendations we can make for you to improve your credit scores.  The higher your credit scores the lower your interest rate and the better mortgage programs are available to you.  We’ll work with you to get a mortgage pre-approval, not just a pre-qualification, and we’ll explain the difference to you.  We’ll help you understand mortgage terms and the mortgage process.  We’ll then devise a plan of action for looking at homes for sale and the process for negotiating a deal on one that substantially meets your requirements and needs.  And we’ll be there to see that the homebuying process goes smoothly and that it is an enjoyable adventure.


Our compensation comes from the purchase of a home.  We do not charge for our consulting and help with your credit or mortgage or other services and only receive compensation when and if you actually purchase a home through us.  We offer true legal fiduciary duties throughout the homebuying process and are always looking out for your best interest at all times and in every situation.

I have dedicated the last 25 years of my life to helping individuals and couples obtain the dream of owning their own home.  I decided 25 years ago to only work with buyers as their true agent, legally looking out for their best interest at all times and in every situation.  It is the norm in the real estate industry for real estate companies and their associates to “pretend” to look out for a buyer’s best interest when in fact they operate in a position that eliminates real true representation in an effort to reduce and eliminate their responsibilities and liabilities to you, their supposed client.  You are a customer and not a client in most cases.  With us you are always a client in the legal sense.  If that appeals to you, please call us for more information.

It all starts with a phone call to me – (978) 633-9090 – (800) 383-8322 – or email me.

Let’s have a conversation to see if we should work together and if we can be of benefit to you as you consider buying a home.  Thank you for visiting.  Please take the time to read the other sections of this website as well as the posts I have made.  I’m always interested in hearing what you think about our website and our services.  Feel free to email me or call me.

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