Given the deeply ingrained sales culture of the traditional real estate industry, who can you really trust?

When a real estate licensee claims to be a buyer agent, is the licensee actually your agent or merely telling you something you want to hear in order to get your confidence and business?

Welcome to my website. I’ve been an avid homebuyer advocate for the last 25 years and find it appalling that so many homebuyers are misled and deceived by the deeply ingrained sales culture of the traditional real estate industry in Massachusetts.

Many homebuyers (and homesellers) are short-changed every day and in most cases, they never know it. There is a lot of collusion that goes on behind the scenes during an in-house transaction (a deceptive practice known as designated agency).

It led me to write my own book, Massachusetts Homebuyers Beware! The Cards are Stacked Against You, exposing this deception and apparent greed in hopes that I might reach hundreds and maybe thousands of homebuyers in Massachusetts.

My goal is to help Massachusetts Homebuyers understand the inner workings of the traditional real estate industry, help them protect themselves and let them know that there are true real estate consumer advocates here to help them buy the right home at the right price, known as True Loyal Agents.

I have also provided a lot of homebuyer information right here on this website. Check out the menu above and explore. I promise you the information here is not sales hype but true homebuying wisdom from my 45 years and counting as a real estate broker and consumer advocate.

Tom Wemett

Massachusetts Homes For Sale

Recent surveys indicate that around 85% of homebuyers start their home search online. Makes sense with the easy access to the Internet.
You can search online at Realtor.com, Zillow or Trulia or any number of other online sites including local real estate company sites.

Meet Tom Wemett

Tom Wemett is the Founder, Manager and Broker of Record of Homebuyer Advisors LLC, providing home buyer only representation in North Central Massachusetts.

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